Getting out of the Matrix – the evolved man’s way


Since childhood, a person learns by imitation, by observing and taking on the attitudes, behaviors, reactions and beliefs of those around him. Our family, the environment where we were raised, the nation’s mentality where we were born have a striking effect on our personality.

Until reaching mental maturity and developing self-consciousness, a person is simply the product of the environment where he comes from. His parents and the environment are responsible for what he has become.

But once he has reached mental maturity and has become an adult, a person is 100% responsible for himself, his own choices and his destiny. He is responsible for making an inventory of all his thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, and as a result of his findings, to keep those he likes and which resonate with him, to give up those that are not good for him, and develop new ones, according to the personality and life he wants. This is the purpose of self-knowledge and personal development that you have been hearing so much lately and which is mandatory for each of us.

What happens if you don’t start this process?

You will remain only with those beliefs and values that have been instilled in you by those who raised you.

You will be limited to living a copy / paste life, lacking the originality and authenticity that exists as a potential within you.

You will repeat your parents’ "mistakes" because, living unconsciously, you will tend to remain loyal to their life scenario.

You will take on the behaviors and attitudes of those who have raised you, and this will take you where it has taken them.

If we look around, we see too few happy people, too few truly fulfilled and functional families that instill in their children healthy values and beliefs. We see many compromises, sacrifices, renunciation, sadness, despair, suffering, aggression, conflicts, hatred, vengeance, “madness” and so on. You are very likely to have been exposed to such things too, so if you want to live differently, it’s necessary to become self-conscious, to become aware of what’s inside you - of your mental programming - and to take the initiative to get out of the matrix where you were brought without your will.

Stop thinking and doing things just because others told you so, because “that’s how things are done”. Question everything, give up what your mother, father or other people told you (except those people who really are a fulfillment, happiness and joy of living model, and thus they might be your mentors), look for your own truth and build your own way, even if you are a trailblazer.

Stop allowing those who aren’t a model for you to influence you, to make you doubt yourself or to manipulate you in order to stop outdoing them, or showing them it can be different. When you become a valuable, self-confident, proud, worthy person with personal and professional achievements, you will also make them doubt their beliefs and the way they have lived their lives -  compromising, suffering or giving up, and thus they are also likely to change.

Don’t allow yourself to be a copy of a sick society that hasn’t yet found its way to harmony, but become a model of the new, evolved, fulfilled and happy man.

I have said it before and I’m saying it again: history was changed by those people who dared to be different, to get out of the herd and to think with their own mind.

The society’s evolution we live in depends on you, the way you are and the way your life looks like depends on you, you are the architect of your destiny.

Live in such a way you can be proud of yourself and your existence, be happy and show those around you what it means to be a beautiful, evolved man who spreads the joy of living!


Dr. Ursula Sandner



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